We are your local residential removalists based in Rockingham Western Australia, with 15 years of industry experience, providing Country, local and metro moves.

Our services include dismantling and re-assembly of furniture when requested, which is included within our hourly rate.  

We have the right tools to get the job done with trolleys, skip-boards, clean blankets, straps and mattress lifting equipment and specialty moving equipment for the larger items like pool tables and refrigerators.

The right price for your move.

When we are determining the cost for your move, there are several key things we take into consideration.

  • Where are you moving from and to?

  • How much do you need to move, i.e. full household or just a few items?

  • What is access like at your moving locations? Are their stairs?

  • Do you have any items that require special handling or packing, i.e. a pool table?

  • Are you a pensioner with a senior’s card?

We offer a flat priced hourly rate for all our removals.

Therefore, if you’re inclined to pack your own boxes and just need professional movers and a truck, this is a perfect service for you. As we only charge you for the time, we take this is a fantastic way to keep your moving costs down.

We offer one of the largest fully enclosed removal trucks in the south with 2 or 3 professional removers depending on the volume of goods that you require moved, from a multi-story home to a studio apartment or even just a small office.

This service offers you the flexibility to use as much or as little time as you desire, with our hourly rate you may decide to move the little things yourself and save on time and money and just get our professional help with the big stuff or get us to do the lot. Our hourly rate is charged from our arrival at your property and commences when we leave your desired destination and includes the travel from destinations.     

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