Moving Tips

Make a list

Of all the things you need to keep out of the boxes so it's easier for you and others to know what to pack and what not to.

Have plenty of supplies

ensure have you have plenty of boxes and remember that you can use household items like sheets and towels to help back your delicate items to keep them safe.

Utilize wardrobe boxes

wardrobe boxes make life so much easier to move your clothes and shoes, place your shoes and small bags like handbags in the bottom and clothing on the hanging bar as it makes it so much easier to unpack and settle in. 

Packing Boxes 

When packing boxes remember to pack heavy items in such as books into smaller boxes so it's more manageable to move when unpacking. 

Household Appliances 

Remember to ensure that all fridges and freezers have been emptied and wiped out and left with the door open for around 2 hours before, the removalist arrives that way when the appliance is relocated you don't have the musty smell in your fridge or freezer. 

Colour coordinate

Your boxes so you can know by looking at them what room they go in. all you need is a few paint pens and a big X on the side of the box, that way by just looking at it you can direct the removalist on which room to place the box without having to read what written on the top of it.  

Contents list 

Add a small contents list to the top of each book so you can find the essential thing easy when you first move and don't have to search through dozens of boxes to find what you need.